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There is no shortage of parenting blogs on the internet, and it can difficult to sift through which ones may actually be worth the read. Luckily, we have composed a list of our favorite parenting blogs. Whether you’re looking for projects to do with your children, recipes the kids will actually eat, trying to cure your boredom, or even finding some positive reinforcement for your parenting style, these blogs can be your new go-to. This list of blogs are fun and easy reads that can definitely help you get through your day one article at a time.
The Dad Blogs

8 Bit Dad 


8 bit dad

The 8 Bit Dad himself, Josh Rosenberg, has a hysterical writing style and is not your traditional parenting blog. Rosenberg has covered stories ranging from yoga and incarcerated fathers to Play Skool’s devious ways of targeting your inner 80’s child. His hilarious input is a refreshing read, and brings more to the parenting blog than your average run of the mill mommy blog. Josh Rosenberg is the nerdy dad that you can connect with.

Dad or Alive

dad or alive
Adrian and his wife are very accomplished executives in the media and entertainment industry. Having worked with Adam Sandler, The Late Late Show on CBS, and Chelsea Handler, this Dad blogger brings a whole different outlook to the stay at home parent. This blog and Adrian’s humor are so amazing that he and Happy Madison Productions and Sony Pictures Television are in the works of creating a sitcom based around Dad or Alive.

How To Be A Dad

how to be a dad
Two dads join together to give great stories and advice for raising children.. Charlie and Andy have teamed up to make a hysterical site filled with all kinds of topics that are not limited to parenting. HTBAD’s journal style format allows for an easy and enjoyable read.

Mike Adamick

mike adamick
Mike Adamick is a stay-at-home dad with a well known hit series of children’s craft books. His books include Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects, Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes, and Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments. Each book is crafted in a way so that the child takes the initiative in any of the projects. Mike Adamick has also been featured on the Today show.

Ishq in a Back Pack

ishq in a backpack
Ishq in a Backpack follows Navdeep Singh Dhillon an adjunct teacher and his family through their travels and everything they eat. Navdeep has lived in a multitude of places, learned bits and pieces of different languages and has taken nearly every mode of transportation that you can possibly think of.

Dada Rocks

dada rocks
Dada Rock dad Adam Cohen writes all about life in a big city and raising his children. A native New Yorker, Adam is a Director of Marketing and Social Media as well as a web programmer and designer. He also just welcomed a brand new baby girl into his family.

Out With the Kids

out with the kids
Jeff Bogle is a father of two girls, and is a very accomplished blogger and photographer. Bogle has contributed to sites such as Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Time out New York Kids, and has been quoted on sites including the Washington Post. His heart-warming images and blog posts about raising a family are heartwarming and entertaining.
The Mommy Blogs

Viva Veltoro

viva veltoro
Ruth Left her job in the medical industry and became a stay at home mom. Ruth and her contributor Camille both offer a great perspective on the stay at home mom Viva Veltoro has tons of giveaways as well as great and helpful blog posts. Viva Veltoro also has an amazing pinterest account with boards on any topic you can imagine.

Not your Average Mom

not your average mom
Susie from Not Your Average Mom is a mother of seven children! She prides herself in presenting her real self, and not painting a perfect picture of her family. She writes about topics that not everyone would want to publish and she is content in doing so. If you like her not-so-average attitude you can follow her on Scarry Moms or Huffington Post.

Imperfect Mom

imperfect mom
Danielle Guthrie is a very relatable mommy blogger, mother of two, and new to the mommy blogging scene. She suffers from bipolar depression, anxiety, and ADD and created a blog as a therapeutic outlet. A strong mom, continuing her pursuit of an optimistic lifestyle with a lot of experience under her belt.

Smashley Ashley

smashley ashley
Smashley, AKA Ashley Alteman, is the dinosaur loving mom blogger. This quirky blogger writes about her imperfect life and misadventures of her and her daughter Barb Marley. This light hearted blog may have a lot of dinosaurs, but is still an interested read and provides a different attitude towards parenting.

Shann Eva

shann eva

Former dancer, retail manager, and recruiting manager turned mom blogger Shann Eva writes about raising her three boys. She has plenty of stories about her boys and difficulties of her pregnancy with her twins. She is looking to spread knowledge of fetal conditions as well as offer education and support for anyone going through a similar issue.

The Soccer Mom Blog

the soccer mom blog
The soccer mom herself, Stacey Garska Rodriguez, has labeled her blog to be a parenting and positive lifestyle blog. Graduating from single life to becoming a full time mom has come with some ups and downs for Stacey. She explains what has worked for her, her big fails, and her motto whatever works!

Winter Tells it All

winter tells it all
New mom blogger, Winter, is a mother of 2 a great addition to the parent blogging scene. She gives insight on everything from home schooling her son, to bullying, and many more stories in between.

First Time Mom and Dad

first time mom and dad
First Time Mom and Dad have remained nameless, only to use the acronyms FTM(first time mom) and FTD(First Time Dad). Their story is quite amazing, meeting only by chance. They have been through everything from traveling and overstaying their visas and now a baby.

Easy Green Mom

easy green mom
The Easy Green Mom herself, Amber, dedicates her mom blog to eco-friendly and gluten free living. Amber covers every topic imaginable, from her gluten free meals to DIY projects and more. She has tons of fun recipes kids will enjoy as well as some eco-friendly crafts that are definitely considered a great conversation starter.

The Stay-at-Home Life

the stay at home life
Self-proclaimed Southern country wife, Melissa, is a mother of two and one of our very special mom-bloggers. Her daughter, a special needs toddler, and baby boy provide her with the insight and advice to give to parents with similar needs. You can follow Melissa’s blog to find great topics such as: Autism, her weight loss journey, great recipes, and other fun topics.

Peanut Butter Hair

peanut butter hair
Peanut Butter Hair reads like a handwritten journal, and has a refreshing feel. Beatty, mother of 4, writes about life with her children and everyday events. This light-hearted and sentimental blog is relatable for many, and loved by all.

Of Moms and Men

of moms and men
Last, but certainly not least, Of Moms and Men is a light-hearted blog written by a young at heart mother of three boys. A different kind of blog that married, single, and even young college-aged women can relate to. Her writing style makes her posts feel more conversational rather than an article and are an easy read.