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Welcome to our office! I started SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry with only one goal in mind: to create a true stress-free dental experience for both the parent and the children. I understand the pressure and uncertainty that comes with finding a new doctor, especially for your most precious little ones. Put aside the fancy conveniences of our modern offices: wall-mounted TVs, digital xrays, state-of-the-art dental materials, and more: at the heart of it, parents are looking for a dentist that they trust and that treats their children with a gentle touch and a patient demeanor. That is why I strive each day to be that dentist for you and your family.When you come to SuperKids, my well-trained staff and I will welcome you with the unconditional integrity, respect, and comfort that you deserve. We don’t just treat you like family because to us, you ARE family. That is what sets us apart.

I look forward to meeting you!

-Dr. Liu