10 Fun And Healthy Snacks

As a  parent, it is crucial to teach your kids how to take care of their oral health. You may be successful in instilling in them the importance of good oral care. But did you know that there is another thing that is as important as good oral habits that your kids ought to learn? That is eating foods that are good for their teeth and gums. 

If getting your children to eat healthy foods sometimes involves a battle full of tantrums and whining on their part, you can now prevent this scenario from happening by preparing these ten fun and healthy snacks that are tooth and gum-friendly.


1. Watermelon

Studies revealed that people who eat plenty of fresh fruits like watermelon regularly have lower risks of dental cavities compared to individuals who seldom eat fresh fruits. Watermelon is non-acidic and low in sugar, making it a teeth-friendly snack for your children. Serve it as a popsicle along with other fruits to make the snack more fun. 


2. Yogurt

Yogurt is another product that you need to add to your kid’s diet for healthy teeth and gums. It is rich in protein and calcium. Make sure, though, to look for yogurt with no sugar added to it. This probiotic-packed dairy product is a perfect on-the-go snack for your children or can be prepared as a parfait with berries and nuts. 


3. Cheese

Like yogurt, cheese is a dairy product that can do wonders on the teeth. Eating cheese will help increase the pH level of the mouth, decreasing the risks of cavities buildup. Apart from that, cheese can also stimulate saliva production. 


4. Apples

Apples are a sweet treat. It may be sweet, but the fruit is rich in fiber, which helps massage the gums and brush food particles sticking on the teeth. With several different types of apples, there’s one your children will enjoy.


5. Pita bread and hummus

Pita bread is a very healthy snack you can give to your kids. Paired with hummus and you will have a snack that helps keep your children healthy and satisfied. 


6. Carrots

Carrots are a great source of keratin, vitamin A, and D, strengthening the tooth enamel. The keratin works by breaking down any plaque buildup on the tooth; thus, making your oral health in tiptop condition. 


7. Hard-boiled eggs

A hard-boiled egg is also another great source of vitamin D and protein. You can serve it as plain hard-boiled or as an egg salad along with a few crackers. 


8. Nuts

Nuts such as almonds are loaded with calcium and protein, which keeps the teeth strong and healthy. It is low in sugar, which means the risk of feeding the harmful bacteria in your mouth is also lower. A handful of almonds will make an excellent snack for your children. You can also sprinkle some almonds on your salad or mix it with plain popcorn for their snack. 


9. Leafy green vegetables

A healthy diet will never be completed without leafy green vegetables on it. Leafy green vegetables are rich in minerals and essential vitamins such as vitamin B and low in calories. Don’t forget to add some spinach to your salad or any greens in your children’s smoothie. 


10. Celery

Celery acts like a natural toothbrush that scrapes and removes food particles that get stuck on the tooth. Its water content also helps in washing away the bacteria and acid in the mouth. Unfortunately, not all children are a fan of this vitamin-packed food. So, on your next snack, create some twist on the classic Ants on a Log by spreading peanut butter on it with some chocolate chips as the ants. Your kids will surely have fun eating it. 

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