How to Teach Your Child Good Dental Habits

Among children and adults, one of the most problematic and wide-ranging dental problem is cavities. Cavities occur because there is a build-up of plaque, tartar, and bacteria in the mouth that has settled into the tooth and worked its way in through the tooth’s surface. Treatment for cavities is not only time consuming, but it can be expensive and unpleasant for most people – especially children. Rather than get to the situation where your child needs treatment for cavities and other dental problems, you should encourage positive dental habits. While it may seem impossible, there are certainly a few steps that you can take to reach this goal.

The Earlier the Better

Despite seeming to the contrary, children are wholly creatures of habit. Children most enjoy what they are familiar with because it makes them more comfortable and it helps them feel safer. When trying to teach your child good dental habits, you begin teaching your child as early as possible. By doing so, you’ll help ensure that your child falls into a habit that they are familiar and comfortable with. As your child continues to protect their teeth from an early age, you’ll be able to be less concerned about poor dental health and hefty dental costs.

Lead the Way

In order to encourage your child to practice proper dental care, you as a parent need to show your child that you too are implementing what you’re suggesting. As you show your child your own dental regimen and what you do to care for your teeth, your child will learn by example and start to develop their own positive dental habits. Sometimes, you can even help your child develop good dental habits by having them brush and floss their teeth with you.

The Gatekeeper to the Cupboard

Good dental habits are not only about brushing and flossing. Those who have good dental habits also maintain a healthy diet that is as sugar free and as fat free as possible. As the parent, you are essentially the gatekeeper of the food that your child consumes. As a result, you need to always consider which foods are going to encourage your child to maintain positive health and good teeth. As you very well may know, this means not purchasing items that are sugary and fatty since these types of foods are more prone to causing dental problems.

Regular Dental Visits

Finally, to solidify what you preach and teach, you should also take your child to regular dental visits. By taking your child to the dentist on a regular basis, you’ll be able to show your child how important it is to care for their teeth and why their dental health is so important. If it makes your child feel more comfortable, you can also take your child to your own dental procedures so that they understand that you are also taking your own dental health just as seriously as you are encouraging them to care about their own teeth.

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