How Does Children’s Toothpaste Differ From Adults?

As adults, we know the importance of good oral hygiene in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. One of the easiest and obvious ways to protect your teeth is to brush them at least twice a day. When brushing, you should be careful when choosing the right toothpaste to use. While toothpaste may appear to have the same content and ingredients, you have to look thoroughly because toothpaste differs from each other – especially children’s toothpaste and regular toothpaste (for adults). 

Should you use kid’s toothpaste?

When you are about to brush your teeth, you notice that you are out of toothpaste. You reach out and find that your kid’s bubble gum flavored toothpaste is still full. Should you brush your teeth using that sweet, candy-tasting toothpaste? Or should you postpone brushing your teeth and just get to the drugstore to buy your brand of toothpaste? While it doesn’t hurt to use your kid’s toothpaste once in a while, it is not recommended at all. Remember that your teeth are different from your children. Your children’s toothpaste also has different ingredients or lower content of certain substances compared to yours.

For example, your child’s toothpaste has a much lower content of fluoride. Generally, kid’s toothpaste contains less fluoride to help them avoid getting too much of it. Too much fluoride exposure can cause fluorosis – white spots that appear on their teeth. Remember, your child’s teeth don’t encounter a lot of chewing and grinding, so they don’t need added protection against bacteria that can cause dental enamel. Plus, your child might also swallow toothpaste when brushing. Ingesting too much fluoride can harm your child’s kidney. As such, kid’s toothpaste is designed to contain less fluoride.

The difference between children’s toothpaste from adult toothpaste

Both children’s and adult’s toothpaste are the same when it comes to the level of abrasiveness. Both are effective in brushing away plaque from the surfaces of the teeth. The only difference is the amount of fluoride, and most kid’s toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors. This is probably because it entices the kids to brush their teeth. The sweet, playful flavor of kid’s toothpaste will make them look forward to brushing their teeth. It’s hard for kids to convince them to brush their teeth, and a burst of colorful and tasty flavor will make them get excited.

Monitor your kid’s oral health

Your kid’s oral health is important. In fact, it is strongly advised to introduce them to proper oral hygiene as early as possible because it can prevent their teeth from suffering dental problems such as tooth decay and tooth loss. We all know how kids can get excited with candy, and introducing them to proper oral hygiene can minimize the effect of improper eating habits. Letting your kids brush their teeth at least twice a day can keep their teeth and gums healthy for longer, so you don’t need to worry about their oral health as they grow up. 

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