Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Your dental health is important and should not be taken for granted. Proper dental hygiene can help you get healthy teeth and gums. Over time if we neglect proper dental hygiene we may experience tooth decay caused by poor dental hygiene which can cause toothache and the pain can range from mild to severe.

The need for dental fillings

When you have tooth decay, it doesn’t mean your teeth can’t be saved. When you act immediately and go to your dentist, it can be repaired and fixed. With the advancement of our technology, there are a lot of dental techniques and procedures that can give solutions to any dental problems, including tooth decay. That way, you can still have real, healthy teeth so you can have that pleasing, perfect looking smile. 

So, what is tooth decay? Tooth decay happens when your tooth enamel starts to soften which leads to the damage of its structure. Tooth enamel is strong but can be damaged by acids which are caused by plaque bacteria when it breaks down sugar in your mouth. Once there is a mineral loss and it’s left ignored, a cavity or a hole will start to appear. When left untreated, this hole will grow large in size and can destroy your entire tooth. Fortunately, when you act fast, you can save your tooth through the use of dental fillings.

Your dentist will treat the cavity by removing the decayed portion of the tooth and then fill that area to replace the material that was removed. When done properly, dental filling can restore your tooth back to its normal function, shape and appearance while preventing further decay. Dental filling is one of the most common dental procedures. In fact, most people will undergo dental filling at least once in their lifetime. 

Tooth colored dental fillings

There are different types of dental fillings that you can choose from. Your dentist will discuss it with you and will give you some recommendations on what is best for you. Some of the most common dental fillings will include silver color, white tooth color, gold fillings, porcelain fillings and ceramic fillings. While these fillings are great options, most people are attracted to tooth colored dental fillings. Here are the reasons why:

  • Natural looking. The color of composite fillings or tooth colored composites can be matched to the color of your existing tooth. It’s as if you didn’t have dental filling at all. This is the reason why they are perfect for front teeth or visible parts of teeth.
  • Versatile. Tooth colored fillings can also be used to fix chipped or broken teeth.
  • Tooth sparing preparation. With tooth colored dental fillings, there is low risk of removing any tooth near the damaged tooth to prepare it for the filling.

With tooth colored dental fillings, your tooth decay can now be fixed and repaired so you can have your confident smile back again. For more information on Dental Fillings, contact us at SuperKids Dentistry and we can get you an appointment right away!

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