What Drinking Soda Does To Your Teeth

You may not know all the side effects of drinking soda, but I’m sure you’ve been warned that it’s terrible for your oral health. Many people don’t realize how this famous drink damages tooth enamel and weakens the dental structure, which can cause sensitivity and infection in the mouth. For example, these symptoms are often related to cavity formation on the teeth or developing decay in cavities that have already started.

Here are some of the problems associated With drinking soda to your teeth:

Soda softens tooth enamel

Your first line of defense against cavities is your teeth’s outermost layer, called enamel. If you drink soda on a regular basis, it can weaken this barrier and cause it to break down. This may lead to pain from sensitivity or infection in the tooth.

Soda causes damage to the dental structure

The sugar contained in soda quickly dissolves in water and forms a highly acid solution that can damage the structure of teeth and oral tissue on contact. This type of injury can progress into much more significant issues as bacteria grow around the area, causing pain and infection in your mouth.

Soda causes tooth decay

When your teeth are in contact with sugary drinks for longer than one hour, bacteria have time to ferment. This results in the production of acids that quickly dissolve enamel and lead to cavity formation.

Soda causes staining

The acid in soda weakens the proteins in your mouth, which leads to discoloration on your teeth. Certain soft drinks contain high amounts of phosphorus that cause staining and even more damage to the enamel.

Soda causes terrible breath

The acids in soda break down the proteins in your mouth, which causes a foul odor. Many people also chew or suck on ice cubes when drinking soda, which can deteriorate teeth and lead to a false sense of fresh breath.

Soda causes cavities

Acid from the soda can dissolve tooth enamel within one hour of contact. This makes it easier for plaque and bacteria to infiltrate the teeth, which can cause cavities in your mouth.

Soda causes gum disease

The acids in soda weaken the dental structure around the mouth and can cause periodontal disease. This is because it dissolves the protective mucous membrane underneath the gums and makes it easy for bacterial growth.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the popular beverage, look no further than sparkling water. When consumed in moderation, this drink can help prevent tooth decay and repair damage done to your teeth, leaving you with a radiant and healthy smile. For a stress-free dental experience, you can consult the best dental specialists like SuperKids Dentistry. Avoid drinking soda; it can cost you thousands of dollars in dental bills.

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