Why You Should Fix Baby Teeth

Normally, parents start worrying about their child’s teeth when the baby teeth have fallen out and the adult teeth have grown in. There is a lot of discussion recently whether this strategy is the best way to care for a child’s dental health. Now, a number of dental health professional are supporting the idea that taking action sooner, when the teeth are still baby teeth, is the best course of action.
Here are a few justifications for why baby teeth are worth fixing:

The Nutritional Aspect

As a baby grows and develops, they require proper meals with the right nutrition. When a baby’s teeth aren’t in their best condition, chewing can be difficult, thereby decreasing the chance that the baby will eat the food and ingest it properly. If you’ve noticed your baby spitting out their food or if you’ve noticed them not chewing correctly, then the baby may have dental issues that are worth checking out.
After the dentist verifies your baby’s dental condition, the dentist will be able to take the right action to remedy the condition. You should also mention to the dentist your baby’s eating habits and if they have trouble chewing.

The Development of Speech

Teeth are a highly influential factor in the development of speech. As your baby starts making sounds and turning those sounds into words, they’ll need to use their teeth even more. For optimal results, its best that teeth are shaped properly and are free from any painful cavities and deformities. If you’re noticing that your child is making strange sounds when they should be able to piece together words, then it could be a sign that they’d developed a dental condition that is impeding their growth.

Baby Teeth are Meant to Last Years

Generally, a child will lose their teeth around age 11 or 12. With that, your baby is going to need to use their baby teeth for about 9 years. When a tooth is decaying, it hardly is able to serve its purpose of providing your child with adequate chewing and speech capabilities. As a result, you should seriously consider restoring your baby’s teeth if they are in poor condition. By taking action early, you can ensure that your baby is able to use their teeth well into their pre-teen years.

Infection Can Spread

Finally, the most pressing reason to fix your baby’s bad teeth is that an infection can spread. If your baby has a cavity that eats through the tooth enough, the cavity will then press down into the comes and to the root of the tooth. When this occurs, your child’s tooth is at risk of falling out, thereby preventing your baby from chewing properly.
In addition, your baby may experience severe pain that can only be remedied through either ridding of the tooth or by performing extensive dental work. Regardless, you never want to allow your baby’s dental condition to worsen to this point. The best solution is to seek dental care and to do so early.

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