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A Kid Friendly Pediatric Dentist in McLean!

Healthy teeth start with developing great dental habits when we’re young. Brushing correctly, flossing daily, and having routine dental checkups and teeth cleanings are all important to prevent oral disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems. At Superkids Pediatric Dentistry, we have pediatric dentists in McLean, Virginia that will help your children grow up to have a healthy smile free of gum disease and tooth decay!

Tooth Brushing

Getting into the habit of not only brushing your teeth regularly, but brushing them correctly, is critical for children. At Superkids Pediatric Dentistry, we help parents and children learn proper tooth brushing technique, as well as tips on how to get your little one to make brushing a fun daily habit. We advise seeing a dentist for kids, as we have a better understanding of the issues parents face with trying to get their children to brush their teeth.
Some important tips for tooth brushing for children are:

  • Always use a soft bristle toothbrush for kids
  • Start with a small pea-sized dab of toothpaste
  • Use a gentle, short, back and forth motion to remove plaque
  • For toddlers, help them brush their teeth first alongside you

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Digit Sucking

Digit sucking (typically thumb sucking) is a normal occurrence for infants. However, as your child gets older, digit sucking can cause dental issues such as crooked teeth or a malformed roof of their mouth, so it is important to break the habit. Most children will stop digit sucking around four years old. If your son or daughter continues past this age, you may benefit from making an appointment to speak to our kids dentist in McLean, VA.
The dentist will be able to give you suggestions on how to help your child give up thumb sucking, and also examine their teeth to see if any damage has already occurred.
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Cavity Treatment For Children

Cavities can be quite common for children, particularly if they have a diet high in sugary snacks and junk food. By reducing the amount of sugar your child consumes, and regular brushing, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of them developing cavities or tooth decay. We also provide pediatric teeth cleaning in McLean, Virginia as a part of our oral care services.
During early childhood, you can help prevent tooth decay by avoiding using milk or juice to put your child to bed, and using water instead. Also, avoid dipping their pacifier in honey or sugar. At around six months old, try to start teaching your child to drink from a cup, and plan to stop using a bottle by 12-14 months at the latest.
For any concerns about your son or daughter’s teeth, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our children’s dentist in McLean, Virginia.
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Treating and Preventing Gum Disease In Children

There is a common misconception that gum disease or periodontal disease is strictly an adult issue. However, studies have shown that the first state of periodontal disease (gingivitis) is also a problem among children and adolescents. Even more advanced stages of periodontal disease, while rare, can occur in children as well.
At Superkids Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in treating gingivitis in children, and helping parents learn how to prevent gum disease before it strikes. With routine brushing and flossing, your child can avoid the damage caused by gingivitis such as swollen and bleeding gums. Also, periodontal disease is more common in children with the following conditions:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Down syndrome
  • Papillon-Lefevre syndrome

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Visit The Best Pediatric Dentist in McLean, Virginia

We invite you to come to visit our pediatric dental office in McLean. Our dentists and entire staff are well trained to work with younger patients. We believe that visits to the dentists shouldn’t be the scary and frightening experiences you may have had as a child. With our child friendly environment, friendly staff, and gentle care, we will make your child’s appointment a fun and pleasant experience!
Call us today at 703-931-4400 to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists in McLean, VA!

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