Digit Sucking

Breaking Bad Dental Habits in Children

Preventive dentistry is an important part of our practice at Superkids Pediatric Dentistry. Many dental issues can be caused by dental habits such as digit sucking. We can help parents get their children to stop this habit so that their teeth develop correctly.

With four convenient locations in Sterling &Alexandria, VA, and Potomac & Rockville, MD, your child can get the best dental care from experienced and friendly pediatric dentists!

Thumb Sucking

Digit sucking (usually thumb sucking) is a habit that occurs often in infants. Typically most children will stop sucking their thumbs around age four. When children continue this habit once their permanent teeth begin to erupt, it may lead to crooked teeth or issues with the formation of the roof of their mouth. These issues are caused by the frequency, intensity, duration, and positioning of the digit in the child’s mouth. Digit sucking also affects the position of the child’s upper and lower jaw, which affects their speech.

How To Break Thumb-Sucking & Digit-Sucking Habit

Here are some helpful tips to break this habit:

  • Try to reduce the child’s stress levels
  • Show your child examples of what could happen to their teeth and fingers if they continue
  • Treat your child to a reward occasionally when they don’t suck on their digits

If you are having difficulties getting your child to stop thumb-sucking, do not hesitate to contact Superkids Pediatric Dentistry in one of our three locations to schedule an appointment with our friendly and experienced pediatric dentists.

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